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Team on trading floor working together or in front of the screens on the phone while reviewing market data information.

Voice And Electronic Brokerage

Globally, BGC Partners and its affiliates intermediate more than US$260 trillion annually on our electronic platforms, over-the-counter or in a hybrid model, serving the world’s largest institutional investors, such as Retail and Investment Banks, Assets, Pension Funds, Treasury, Governments, Trading, Wealth Management, among others.

BGC Liquidez provides institutional clients with access to a wide range of financial products, both in local markets, operating on B3 and in international markets, with direct access to Offshore trading desks.

We offer a variety of off-the-shelf and custom services from pre-negotiation, negotiation and post-negotiation. Our clients also have access to solutions for custody, post-trade, settlement and strategic market information that support decision making, with 24/7 coverage, offering a qualitative approach.


Voice Trading

  • Access to Market Makers
  • High Volume Execution
  • Agility in execution
  • High liquidity
  • Price definition
  • Discretion and anonymity in operations

Electronic Trading

  • Proactive real-time monitoring
  • Chinese wall from voice brokerage
  • Proactive real-time monitoring
  • Bilingual team with deep options knowledge
  • Kill switches on hand


  • Custom Custody, Settlement and Post-Trade Services
  • Access to the Market Strategy team
  • Equities Research
  • Corporate Access

Financial Products

With a full range of operations and brokerage services, the benefit of BGC’s integrated platform offers our customers the flexibility and choice in price discovery, executing and processing their transactions through voice brokerage, hybrid or fully electronic options.


  • Cash Equities
  • Equities Options and Futures
  • Equity Index Futures and Options
  • Volatility
  • Securities Lending (SLB)
  • Cash and Carry
  • BDR
  • ADR
  • Real Estate Funds

Interest Rates

  • Futures
  • Options
  • IRS (+ ON/OFF)


  • Spot Mkt (Dealers)
  • Futures
  • FX Options/Volatility
  • FRC Coupon
  • NDF’S (+ON/OFF)


  • Govt Inflation Linked
    • Govt Fixed Rate
    • Sovereign Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Eurocleared