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BGC Liquidez

BGC Liquidez is one of the largest independent investment brokers in the institutional segment in Brazil. The company was created in 2009, when global powerhouse BGC Partners (NASDAQ: BGCP) acquired Liquidez, a leading brokerage firm with more than 30 years of experience in the Brazilian market

BGC Liquidez exclusively serves institutional clients in local and international markets, offering brokerage through our broker desks or electronic platform. We offer our clients maximum flexibility when it comes to pricing, execution and post-trade services.

As a B3 Full Member for Execution, Settlement and Clearing Services as a Full Trading Participant (PNP), we offer access to a wide range of financial products including futures, equities, bonds, OTCs, commodities and derivatives.

Our company is one of the safest choices in the financial market today, thanks to its strict respect for ethics, agility and focus on generating results and the constant investment in the excellence of its brokers.

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Qualification Standard Seal B3

A reflection of this focus on quality are the Programa de Qualificação Operacional (PQO) and Certifica seals, awarded by B3 to participants in the stock, derivatives and bonds markets with a focus on professional trading.

These seals attests that BGC Liquidez has an organizational and technological structure specialized in providing business execution services for institutional investors and for high volume non-resident investors, in B3’s trading environments.

BGC Liquidez is also frequently configured with the “Top Broker Seal” of the CETIP segment.

Execution Broker Nonresident Investor Broker

Building and streets at night with various lights displayed.

Transparency AND CONTROL

BGC Liquidez conducts its business in accordance with the highest ethical and governance standards. The Compliance, Risk, Internal Controls and Internal Audit departments ensure that our operations follow all laws and regulations applicable to financial institutions.

The company uses operational risk management models and has control and monitoring routines for transactions carried out at the Brokerage, which help to identify any signs of artificial conditions, price manipulation, fraudulent transactions, unfair practices and money laundering.